Quality Time Dir: Daan Bakker

Do you lack assertiveness or a clear purpose in life? Are you convinced that you have been abducted by aliens? If any of these sound familiar, Bakker's film is sure to make you feel even worse. Koen, Stefan, Kjell, Karel, and Jef are all on the threshold of adulthood. Koen stuffs himself with milk and meat to avoid annoying his uncle. Stefan moves in with his parents and spends his days testing the limits of his guitar amplifier - until he switches tracks completely and enrolls in an artistic photography course. Kjell, on the other hand, continues to relive traumatic spankings from his childhood and finds himself unable to function in society. In five grotesquely exaggerated stories about boys who are lost as adults, the director finds room for irony and sentiment.

Duration: 85 mins
Released: 2015
Country of origin: Netherlands, Norway
Classification: unclassified