Nothingwood Dir: Sonia Kronlund

With budgets only a fraction of those of Hollywood or Bollywood films and its semi-professional nature, Afghan cinema can be called Nothingwood. That said, it still has its own star in Salim Shaheen, an actor, director, and producer well known throughout the country who has made more than 100 films. His work has been inspiring and encouraging inhabitants of the war-torn country for nearly 40 years, and even the Taliban, who banned films, have sold his on the black market. In order to understand the phenomenon of Shaheen, French documentary filmmaker Sonia Kronlund accompanied him on the set of his latest, 111th project, which is based on his own life.

Duration: 85 mins
Released: 2017
Director: Sonja Kronlund
Country of origin: Francja, Niemcy
Classification: unclassified