Manifesto A masterclass in performance from Blanchett, covering as many as 13 different roles in one film

Cate Blanchett … is a masterclass in performance, wrote "Indiewire" after the premiere of Manifesto at the Sundance festival. Blanchett plays as many as 13 different roles, including a housewife, a teacher, a worker, a widow, a singer in a punk band, a homeless man, and television reporter. Each of her characters delivers fragments of famous artistic manifestos by writers and directors, painters and dancers, sculptors and poets, philosophers and architects, including Rodchenko, Apollinaire, Vertov, Jarmusch, Malevich, Tzara, Aragon, Breton, Rainer, von Trier, Marx, Maciunas, Herzog, and many, many others.

Duration: 94 mins
Released: 2016
Director: Julian Rosefeldt
Country of origin: Germany
Classification: unclassified